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Industries We Provide Service

Automotive Industries

This is a sector in which raw material entry, warehouse, production and shipment management should work in coordination and full perform. With the introduction of hardware and software instruments, all stages of production are recorded and made transparent with reporting.

Textile and Yarn

In the textile sector, we provide the sales and service of built-in scales, ramp scales, textile beam weighing scales and hook scales to be used in all stages of the commissioning and processing of the yarn, and also we provide precision analytical scales used in textile laboratories.

Medicine and Health

We provide , wheelchair weighing systems with ramps that can be used in dialysis centers or other clinics, pan scales, pediatric scales tsuitable for child weighing. We provide analytical precision scales supply and services that work smoothly in laboratory environments.

Who are we ?

We are Nilüfer Technology. With our 20 years of field experience, we continuously improve our product and service quality and meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level. We provide permanent advantages in the sector by creating differences in automatic identification, data collection, industrial weighing and barcode systems.


Customer happiness


Product Project


Software Project

We integrate your manufacture with technology...  

Project management

Your requests regarding the areas you want to improve or the projects you want to set up. We are notified through phone or mail about these requests.
Face to face meeting
We meet face to face with you in order to better understanding and set up your demands.
By dividing the data we have received from you in line with the request into phases, we then move on to the next stage by defining the relationships between phases.
After the analysis, to determine the most suitable hardware and software products for you in terms of benefits and financial terms, to take action quickly without preventing the activities within the business of the process.
In the scenario we wrote as a result of our face-to-face interviews, it is planned to pricing the products mentioned in the scenario and to form the specifications of the project.
Starting the Project Process
The start of the project process After the proposal approval process, the product supply process starts in line with the mentioned products and the articles in the specification. At the same time, the positioning of the products and the training process begins.
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Our Solutions

If there is data communication such as RS232, Ethernet, Wifi in the weighing systems used in our company, recording and processing of the received data It manages all operations related to analyzing and placing information labels on weighed raw materials, finished products or semi-finished products.

Our company, with its 23 years of field experience, performs the repair and maintenance of technical weighing systems, barcode systems OTVT products, barcode printers, barcode readers, scales, barcode scales, computers and servers.

It has been developed with an object oriented and client-server architecture using current technology.

Power of MS SQL Server database, it can work with MS SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and above.

It can be fully integrated into your own applications with its open database structure.

It can work smoothly with all Windows operating systems (2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server, Win7, Win8, Win10 and above).

Can work on Terminal Services.

It can be installed on terminals without requiring a license with the pool licensing option.

It shows high performance on computers with low configurations.

An unlimited number of company definitions can be made in the same database.

An unlimited number of SysMOND® applications can be started on the same terminal.

Our company provides both the supply and technical support of equipment such as scales, computer, cash register, barcode reader, barcode printer, receipt printer, server, uninterrupted power supply.

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