Finance Management

General Features

It has been developed with an object oriented and client-server architecture using current technology.

  • Power of MS SQL Server database, it can work with MS SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and above.
  • It can be fully integrated into your own applications with its open database structure.
  • It can work smoothly with all Windows operating systems (2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server, Win7, Win8, Win10 and above).
  • Can work on Terminal Services.
  • It can be installed on terminals without requiring a license with the pool licensing option.
  • It shows high performance on computers with low configurations.
  • An unlimited number of company definitions can be made in the same database.
  • An unlimited number of SysMOND® applications can be started on the same terminal.

Easy to Use with User Friendly Interfaces

  • Modular structure and flexible menu option.
  • Easy and fast use brought by standard windows.
  • Ability to easily create similar records (invoice, dispatch note, order, Current Card, Inventory card, etc.) with the "copy / paste record" feature.
  • “Full Integration” from Offer to Accounting with the feature of save once, use everywhere.
  • Quick access to account statements (one click without choosing an account from any screen).
  • Accessing the source of the movement on the basis of line, during the "print-preview" in account statements.
  • Detailed search and query options on list screens.
  • Unlimited grouping options, subtotals and subtotals on the list screens.
  • Ability to print the views on the list screens in the same way or transfer them to Excel.
  • Ability to create user defined "keypads".
  • Ability to work with more than one window at the same time, to switch between windows.
  • Ability to enter data only in the required fields during registration entry with the Form Wizard.

Unlimited Authorization and Efficient Security

It provides advanced authorization on the basis of user or user group in all transactions.

  • Keeping detailed record information (who - when entered, who - when changed etc.).
  • The option to save, view and print the history of all records screen-screen.
  • Detailed authorization of all data fields defined in the database on the basis of users.
  • Thanks to the document storage feature, all Word, Excel, picture and fax files related to the business can be safely stored in the database.
  • Authorizing all reports registered in the system according to users.
  • Ability to prevent even authorized users from seeing them by putting a password on the requested reports
  • Getting the history of querying, previewing and printing of all reports registered in the system.

Unlimited Reporting and Analysis Support

Fast, flexible and detailed reporting engine.

  • All reports are open source, so all reports in the system can be changed easily.
  • There are 5 different language options for reporting (SQL, Pascal, C ++, Basic and Java).
  • Ability to connect to any different database (Oracle, Access, DBase, Foxpro etc.) in the design mode of a report.
  • Ability to create any number of "Filter templates" for a report.
  • Automatic storage of filters and criteria given during reporting and reuse when required.
  • Ability to use "Dot Matrix" printer in all reports, receipts and notebooks.
  • With the "Visual Query Wizard", you can create advanced "SQL queries" without the need for SQL knowledge.
  • Thanks to the "Record Information", without the need to memorize the database structure, copying the SQL sentences that are created automatically on the lists and using them in other applications (Excel etc.).
  • Ability to receive and create comparative analysis reports based on years.
  • Ability to print existing records by filtering and previewing in Excel filter style while the list is on the screens.
  • Ability to monitor and manage pre-prepared analyzes and summary tables for any buyer, seller, stock, safe, bank etc. account by right clicking on the lists.

Advanced Help System

  • CHM type help files.
  • The opportunity to learn by seeing what is done and how thanks to the visual aid system.
  • Possibility to add the video and flash animations you have created for the training of your own personnel to the system thanks to visual assistance.
  • With the remote assistance option, you can get online help from a service person you want.
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